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This Episode Guest

Special thanks to amin saltaneh to be our guest. This week we had the honor to be the host of amin and he gave a beautiful color to this part of our podcast with his magical voice.


Amin Saltaneh


Amin Saltaneh is a cinema / theatr actor, director and script writer. He has won several domestic and international awards for acting and voice. You can find him doing sport for fitting his body, working on his projects such as writing script, directing his actors in theatr , ...


Mirza Jamshid

Director & Producer

Mirza Jamshid started and managed the Radio Janan Podcast and he used to make websites, programming, art direction, video and audio editing. You can find him doing design, music playing, coding, photography or on phone call with his friends.

Radio Janan Podcast is a weekly/monthly public radio program and podcast. Each episode we choose a theme and put together different kinds of music on that theme and mostly it’s persian traditional music.
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